BedTyme: Mobile App for Insomniacs

An app for treating insomnia using methods of cognitive behavioral therapy

Project Background

Our client, Daniel Erichsen, is an American doctor who works on resolving the issues with insomnia. He developed his own insomnia treatment system using methods of cognitive behavioral therapy. His idea was to create an app based on his system and evidence-based techniques to help users overcome insomnia. Before approaching us, Daniel worked with some other developers but wasn’t satisfied with the design and their competence. Professional design was one of his top priorities.


Our task was to create an iOS app. The app allows users to control how much they sleep, mark the Mood, Happiness, Caffeinated drinks and other things that affect the quality of sleep. The application analyzes Sleep Diary and advises what should be changed in a user's lifestyle.

Once the 14-days period is completed, the app gives instructions to the user on how the sleep can be improved. At that stage, we were working on the free version of the app and started discussion of the features that would be included into the paid version. Bedtyme became a subscription-based app.

Later the client decided to make it a 6-week insomnia program. Each day the user is assigned tasks like watching a video or answering some questions. From day one, the user is in contact with a coach via text messages on the app. With their own application coaches can see the sleep statistics of their subordinates. If after two weeks, the users feels better, they are charged for the course. If not they can end the subscription at that time.

We developed a coach app as well. In the beginning it was just Daniel as a Coach. But then he trained more coaches and then assigned them to clients. So, Bedtyme for users became a course-based app.

The users’ app also contains a base of articles and images, useful for leading healthy sleep habits, and the Quiz with three modules: text, video and tests.

Tech highlights

  • xCode
  • Objective-C
  • UIKit.framework
  • Foundation framework
  • CoreDate
  • Quickblox SDK for chat
  • Firebase Database
  • Firebase Firestore
  • Firebase Storage
  • Firebase Authentication
  • ConvertKIT


The idea of an expert became a successful start up. The very first App Store release with basic functionality happened in 2018. During the next two years we improved the app and proved that the idea is viable and can bring business the money. Now the app is highly-rated on the App Store.

Customer Says

I hired Sibers for what came to be a pretty complex task extending over two years, building a sleep coaching app for ios. I interacted daily with a point person at Sibers and less frequently with a customer service person. I was very impressed by the service and the professional attitude. Skill set was definitely there and we reached the goal of having many clients sleeping better and paying for the service! For someone out there thinking of developing an app - Sibers is a great company. It is not easy to outsource a complex task like building and maintaining an app, but I don't think any other provider could have done a better job. I ultimately found partners to work with internalizing the development, but I wouldn't have gotten there without proof of concept which Sibers delivered. If you're looking for someone to outsource work to, I believe Sibers is an excellent choice! (February 2019)

I’m a sleep doctor and I started looking for someone to build an app for treating insomnia late 2017. After quickly ending a contract with another developer I started working with Sibers early 2018. And this has been a true pleasure. Sibers assigns you a project manager that you haveEugene daily contact with as well as allocates programmers that you communicate with through the project manager. My project manager has been very excellent and the programmers highly competent. Overall I am nothing but impressed and look forward to continuing working with Sibers under a different contract in 2019. I strongly recommend their services. (January 2019)

Daniel Erichsen — Founder at BedTyme LLC

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