Whitepapers: Outsourcing insights

At Sibers, we have a lot of experience building MVPs and turning them into full-featured products, and we're happy to share some insights.

Let’s have a clue about high‐quality and low‐quality architecture and clear up why “adding one small feature” may take dozens of man‐hours...

What distinguishes an "almost ready" app from a classy one? Actually, another 90% of development time. In this article HireRussians explain, why this strange 100=90+90 percent rule, formulated by Tom Cargill from Bell Labs, does always work. We'll discuss, what the main flow of an app is and what it means to "fail gracefully"

Having a vast experience in working with printing businesses we can offer some latest and some time-tested solutions for your business to withstand the external pressure and win new customers.

Or, what can be done from the customer’s end to help an external provider achieve on-time delivery?

At Sibers, we often develop custom educational solutions. In order to share, we showcase the last ten years’ evolution of e-learning trends through our selected projects

Here are some simple instuctions to get crash log files of any iOS app.

Do you fully understand what “development” and “testing” stand for? Together with our PHP team leader HireRussians convert this tech‐speak gibberish into English

Pixel-by-pixel design implementation for mobile apps: what is it, why is it so expensive, and can you do without it?

Say you’re ready to start developing your application. You have an idea and the budget to fund it – so what’s next? In this whitepaper we are reasoning on what the main ways are to find a suitable outsourcing provider, disclose the inside mechanics of the estimation process from the provider's point of view and discuss special aspects of development and the cost of the most widespread apps' elements.